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Meet the CyberCity Staff!


Dr. Tom Dillon is a professor of computer information systems at James Madison University. As a co-director of CyberCity, Tom is a strong advocate for developing a diverse workforce and harnessing the power of STEM education.

Dr. Daphyne Thomas is the Adolph Coors Business Professor and teaches in the department of Finance and Business Law in the College of Business at James Madison University. She is a co-founder and a co-director of the CyberCity Summer Program

Dr. Harry Reif is an associate professor of Computer Information Systems in the James Madison University College of Business. He teaches classes in project management and telecommunications. He is a co-founder and a co-director of the CyberCity Summer Program.


David Aber is a recent graduate of James Madison University with degree in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Analytics. David will be moving to Richmond this July to start full time for Capital One as a member of their IT Development Program.

Ms. Laura Atkins is a lecturer in the Computer Information Systems department in the College of Business and a two-time graduate of James Madison University. She is the developer of the CyberCity website.

Brooke Covington is a graduate student pursuing her Master's degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication from James Madison University. In her current position as the Communications Assistant for the College of Business, Brooke helps to create and manage the content that appears on the College of Business website and social media sites.

Kendra Hall is a junior Psychology major, Family Studies and Educational Media double minor at James Madison University. Kendra participates in various community service activities with children because she is a strong advocate for creating positive examples in their lives so that they will strive for excellence not mediocrity.

Korey Lamb is a 2nd year graduate student in the School Counseling Program at James Madison University. Korey hopes to serve schools, communities, families and students of all ages through counseling, mentorship, and educational advocacy. He is excited to be participating in his first Cyber City camp.

Ms. Monyette Martin is the Sr. Assistant Dean of Admissions at James Madison University. Monyette serves as supervisor of counselors/residence hall for CyberCity. She is a 1993 (Information Systems) and 1996 (College Student Personnel Administration) graduate of James Madison University.

Ms. Patricia May is the director of communications for the College of Business at James Madison University. She helps publicize CyberCity each year through articles, photographs, and videos featuring students and their experiences with CyberCity.

Hector Santos is a junior majoring in computer information systems. He currently lives in Virginia Beach. On his free time he enjoys playing and officiating football.

Ms. Katrina Spickler is the Senior Support Staff for the CIS/BSAN Department. She has been working at JMU for 3 years in an advising and support role and is a JMU College of Business alumnus.

Calvin Walker is a May 2014 graduate of James Madison University. Having recently received his B.A. in Political Science, Calvin will be attending American University in the fall for law school. He has a passion for mentoring and can't wait to embark on a weeklong learning adventure with CyberCity.

Session Presenters

Ms. Terrie Dean is the owner of The Wishing Well, a local floral, travel, and event planning business. Ms. Dean is a certified professional etiquette and protocol instructor and has presented at CyberCity every year.

Ms. Michelle Duncan is the director of the Academic Services Center for the JMU College of Business. Beyond teaching interpersonal skills, her higher education interests include advising, counseling, first-year experience, and student support services.

Dr. Kyle G. Gipson is an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering which is part of the College of Integrated Science & Engineering at James Madison University. He teaches course pertaining to materials science and engineering and sustainable engineering design.

Dr. John Guo is an assistant professor of computer information systems at James Madison University. He conducted academic research in the fields of IS security, cross-cultural IT, and online gaming.

Dr. Joyce Guthrie is an Associate Dean in the College of Business and a professor in the marketing department. As a teacher, Ms. Guthrie is strongly committed to the merging of the classroom with real world applications.

Ms. Ashley Holtz writes software in several languages to support digital forensic evidence capture and analysis at KPMG LLP. She is also a passionate advocate of women in technology and serves as Outreach Director with DC Web Women. Follow Ashley at @thec0dem0nkey for research and speaking/event updates.

Ms. Taniya Johnson is an Information Security Engineer at ManTech International. As a former Marine she has supported the federal government as a contractor. She is a strong believer in working in a field that you love and can be passionate about so what you can learn and master has no limits.

Dr. Jeffrey May is an assistant professor at JMU. Dr. May is a passionate teacher and strong advocate for maintaining industry and community connectedness through alumni involvement and programs such as Cyber City.

Dr. Mike Mitri is a professor of CIS, and interim department head of JMUís CIS and Business Analytics department. Mike has a computer science background and teaches several technical classes in the curriculum, and he always enjoys teaching for Cyber City.

Ms. Yasmeen Shorish is the Physical & Life Sciences librarian at JMU. She works with students and faculty in the biology, chemistry, and physics departments and advocates for data information literacy.

Ms. Desirae Zingarelli-Sweet is a librarian at James Madison University. Working primarily with students and faculty from the College of Business, she provides research guidance and maintains information resources that support academic study. She enjoys helping others navigate the huge amount of free demographic and economic data available from the U.S. government.